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Neuromuscular Therapy FAQ

 Do I need a physician referral to see you?

No**.  This is one of the benefits of a private-pay system!  However if you wish to submit your visits for insurance reimbursement, your insurance company will probably require a physician referral.


  • If your therapist suspects that your condition is beyond the scope of our services, we will ask you to consult with your doctor.  We are not medical doctors and are therefore not qualified to address medical concerns. 
  • If you have been in a recent accident or have certain types of active medical conditions, we may ask for a release from your doctor before working with you.  This is for your safety and ours.

How many sessions will it take?

Each case is individual, so the answer to this question varies considerably.  In some cases, two or three sessions are enough to resolve the person’s problem to their satisfaction.  Six to twelve sessions would be more typical. Sometimes the process can take quite a bit longer.  Reasons for a lengthy treatment program might include:

  • The problem is severe or complicated.
  • The problem has been present for a long time.
  • The source of the problem is a longstanding pattern, even though the symptoms may have only begun recently.
  • The person is continuing to exacerbate the problem outside the session through repetition of old habits (physical, mental, or emotional) or movement patterns. 
  • Allowing too much time to lapse between appointments in the early stages of therapy.
  • The person's tissue is slower to respond due to age or condition.
  • The person is resisting the healing process.  This is usually unconscious. 
  • Some people feel so great with our work, they simply enjoy coming back!

For an average person ,our experience has shown that one session per week is generally the best frequency to start with.  As the person begins to feel better, treatment frequency decreases until the desired maintenance level is reached.  We recommend that you monitor your body for the treatment frequency that allows you to feel your best. 



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